Signs and Symptoms of Depression



Depression shows up differently in men versus women, but in either case it’s awful. It’s characterized by feelings of sadness or discouragement and a loss of interest in daily activities that persist for more than two weeks. It represents a change from normal for a person. It gets in the way of functioning socially, at your job or school. We’re not talking about the normal ups and downs of life. These are feelings that are present nearly every day for a long time.

Here’s what it looks like in different arenas of life:

Family Relationships

  • Moderate: Quiet, negative and oppositional
  • Severe: Withdrawn, won’t talk, brusque, angry, aggressive

School & Academics / Work

  • Moderate: Grades/work performance deteriorating, missing/cutting class or work, decreased effort, moderate academic or work stress
  • Severe: Failing performance, missing school or work, doesn’t care about work, oppositional, argumentative, high academic or work stress

Peer Relationships

  • Moderate: Decreased socializing or extracurricular activities, more time on computer
  • Severe: Isolated, discontinued extracurricular activities, excessive computer time

Stress Level, Anxiety

  • Moderate: Minimizes or denies issues, projects onto others or blames others
  • Severe: Withholds feelings, won’t talk

Suicidal Ideation

  • Moderate: Vague / occasional
  • Severe: Frequently considered, has a plan, or prior attempt

Other Self Harm

  • Moderate: Occasional thoughts but no attempts
  • Severe: Cutting, other self-injury


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