Anxious Christian?

christian anxiety counseling

 Anxiety isn’t always caused by a lack of faith. That’s not to say that anxiety isn’t influenced by spiritual factors. For sure our spiritual condition and the life choices that flow out of it can have a significant impact on anxiety.

Anxiety, especially obsessive thinking, is chemical. It has to do with that squishy organ that exists between your ears. If you have a problem with the functioning of any other squishy organ in your body (liver, kidney, heart, ect) you don’t usually jump to personal sin as a root cause. It certainly could be involved, but it could just as much be a non-spiritual issue.

A good Christian counselor will help you sort through what, if any, spiritual concerns may be contributing to your anxiety. They will also help you address the physical and circumstantial contributors. A Bible believing integrational therapist will also believe and pray with you for God’s healing power in your body. We believe that God is able to heal and He does heal. Sometimes that’s instantaneously in a cathartic alter experience. At other times that’s over the course of treatment through parts of his body (like counselors) and perhaps through the aid of modern medications.

God sometimes chooses, for his own reasons and purposes, to miraculous heal eyes that are unable to see. Most of the time He works through glasses and contacts. Let’s not be any less thankful that God has given us access to this kind of healing then when he chooses to heal without those mechanisms.


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